Boldly Going Where No Man—or Nurse—Has Gone Before

Spock had pointed ears, Kirk was a ladies man (he also liked hot alien chicks), and McCoy was a kindly country doctor. Then there was Nurse Chapel. Like nurses around the galaxy, Nurse Chapel could do anything. Every week the crew of the USS Enterprise found themselves in danger, but no matter what happened, Nurse Chapel always delivered superb patient care.

Nurse Chapel is my Starfleet role model. She was a loyal coworker, so I’m sure she didn’t engage in lateral violence against other nurses on the Enterprise. That’s one of my pet peeves. Nurses aren’t going to get ahead as a profession until we stop beating each other up. And because she was so dedicated to the welfare of her patients, she obviously worked promoting galactic legislation that improved access to health care for all life forms. Too bad Spock, a Vulcan who squelched his emotions, couldn’t appreciate Nurse Chapel’s attributes. Poor Nurse Chapel. She really loved Spock, but a relationship with the guy just wasn’t in the cards.

One day I hope to be a super nurse just like Nurse Chapel. In preparation for becoming the perfect nurse, I am watching all six Star Trek televisions series, containing a total of 726 episodes, and all ten Star Trek movies. I am also reading hundreds of Star Trek novels, and learning how to play Star Trek video and computer games. Oh yes, there’s one more thing. I wonder how I would look as a blond.

Beam me up Scotty. I’ve got a lot of work to do.