Today’s book report is about this gem I picked up at a library book sale. Apparently the woman on the cover needed a court order to get a date. She looks normal. Oh my God, maybe she’s an axe murderer!

To his dismay, Houston pediatrician Connor Malloy was about to find out. Stranded in a little Texas town, arrested on ridiculous charges, the broad-shouldered bachelor was “sentenced” by a courtroom full of Cupids to date no-men-no-matter- what Gillian Bates, and keep his “community service” a secret!

Trouble was, commitment-fearing Connor fell hard for the pretty, guy-shy single mom and her adorable son. He even fantasized about fatherhood and forever. But, drowning in deception and desire, how could Connor ever confess to Gillian that a jury of matchmakers had manipulated this miracle!

I bet Connor caught hell from the nursing staff when he got back to the hospital. “Oh yeah, we believe you were stranded in a little town by a bunch of crazy people that forced you to date some hot chick before they would let you go. Next time, call us back when we page you!”

I guess the only way to become a doctor in the “Land of Harlequin” is to be a sexy hunk with a masculine name. Have you noticed that all Harlequin doctors have broad shoulders? I guess no one wants to write a book about a scrawny doctor named Milton Harvey.