Off with their heads! I’m still waiting for to get their act together. Every time I try to post a picture, my browser crashes. I use Safari OSX. This makes me a very unhappy princess-nurse. (Since I can’t upload pictures, visualize a picture of a pouting princess- nurse, wearing her crown, standing by a guillotine).

Speaking of royalty, the queen of domestic perfection, Martha Stewart, published another “to do” list in this month’s edition of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Sorry Martha, I don’t have time to dust my ceilings, walls, and baseboards this month, or any other month this century. I’ll never forget when Martha, the poster child for OCD, instructed readers to rotate their lampshades. Martha explained that this would allow their lampshades to fade more evenly as sunlight came through their windows. Maybe next month Martha’s personal “to do” list can include getting a prescription for Paxil. It’s an effective medication for OCD. (Visualize a picture of a happy, relaxed Martha Stewart, standing in a messy house surrounded by dusty ceilings, walls, and baseboards). Paxil, it’s a good thing!