Some days I feel like Snow White. I live with prince charming in the woods, and woodland creatures, including my three dogs and two cats, surround me. However, that’s where the similarities end. I don’t live with seven dwarfs, and I’d be telling you a fairytale if I said I was a domestic diva like Snow White. She liked cleaning and cooking all day, while I like reading my books and blogging. It’s a good thing my prince charming cooks, or else we’d starve.

Unfortunately, I have to leave Nurse-Princess Land today and report to my nursing unit. I’m picking up extra time at work so my family and I can keep the lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to, you know, like being able to eat and put gas in the royal carriages. I’ll be OK tonight as long as I don’t bite into any poison apples.

Note to self: Do not accept fruit from strangers.

A princess-nurse’s work in never done.