I’ll give that song a ninety-five; it has a good beat and it’s easy to dance to.

When I was a girl growing up in Iowa, I remember watching American Bandstand with my mom every Saturday morning. We would watch the show on our small screen, black and white TV, and Mom would adjust the rabbit ears on the antenna as I danced around the living room in my bare feet. Mom and I listened to the music and critiqued the latest fashion trends. We both loved poodle skirts. I remember my favorite song was something about a one-eye-one-horn-flying-purple people eater. Yes, really! As the years passed the music changed, and I now have a long list of music favorites. I’ve been tagged, and these are my seven favorite songs.

Angel: by Sarah McLachlan. Don’t ask me why I like a song that makes me cry. Even nasty Simon Cowell loves this song.

Just to be Loved: by Al Jarreau. Listening to smooth jazz while sipping a glass of wine. It’s heaven.

Peacekeeper: by Fleetwood Mac. This is the best anti-war song recorded since Woodstock.

Imagine: by John Lennon. World Peace.

Sad, Sad, Sad: by the Rolling Stones. I like it because it’s loud, loud, loud!

Simply Irresistible: by Robert Palmer. Cool clone chicks.

Bolero: by Maurice Ravel.
Do I really need to explain this one?

Scapel, you’re tagged and so is anyone else who wants to play:-)