There’s a tradition on every nurses station when a nurse gets engaged. You know the drill, the bride-to-be prances into the nurses station and whips out her hand, revealing her engagement ring. Then, with great fanfare, everyone at the nurses station starts jumping up and down, and squealing with delight. Soon after, there’s a stack of wedding magazines spread around the nurses station as preparations for the big day begin.

After watching this tradition for many years, I’ve learned a bride must possess three qualities when planning a modern wedding: she must be organized, have nerves of steel, and very deep pockets. But thanks to Vera Wang, a popular wedding gown designer, planning a wedding is now easy. Wang not only designs stunning wedding gowns with equally stunning price tags, she has a full line of wedding products to meet your every need.

To make planning easier, Wang sells her own line of china, crystal, flatware, footwear, lingerie, cosmetics and perfume, and jewelry. Needless to say, none of this stuff is sold at Ikea, so you can expect to go broke if you buy Wang’s products. And remember, no wedding is complete without an expensive honeymoon, and for $4,000 a night, the happy couple can stay in the Vera Wang suite at the Halekulani resort in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Every time I see a stack of wedding magazines in the nurses station, I toss a Home Depot catalog on top of the pile, and tell the bride-to-be that if she picks out a ladder, I’ll buy it for her so she can elope. So far, no one has taken me up on my offer. Maybe they would if Vera Wang designed hardware.