Nursing: It’s A Guy Thing

Nursing isn’t looking for just a few good men, our profession is looking for a lot of good men. Being a nurse doesn’t make a guy a “sissy,” it’s for anyone with intelligences and integrity that’s willing to work hard to care for others. Look at this group of guys. Do they look like girly-men to you? This poster is a favorite of mine and was published by the Oregon Center for Nursing.

Descriptions of the above guys, from left to right:

Sang Kim RN
Cardiac Telemetry Nurse

Terry Misener RN, PhD
Dean, School of Nursing
Retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

Yuri Chavez RN, CRNA
Nurse Anesthetist
2:54 LA Marathon

Roland Jomerson RN
Post Anesthesia Recovery Nurse
Decorated Vietnam Combat Medic and Retired Major, U.S. Army

Don Mucciprosso RN
Poison Specialist Nurse
Harley Rider

Walter Moore, Jr. RN
Intensive Care Unit Nurse
U.S. Navy Seal Team One

Bill Maddalena SN
Student Nurse
3rd Degree Black Belt Kenpo

L. Rey Ariola RN
Cardiology Nurse
Rugby Right Prop

Jason Scott Carrick SN
Student Nurse
Basketball Power Forward

Since this post is about men in nursing, I wanted to show you that not all trashy nurse romance novels are about loose women who want to marry doctors. Meet Nurse Gigolo. He’s not only the man of the month, he’s the man of my dreams. He sure is cute, but I wonder what his nursing skills are like. Silly me, I’m sure his “other skills” make up for whatever he lacks in the nursing department. (*Blush*).

A Note to Nurse Recruiters

Move over GI Joe and classic Cylon Minimates, there’s a new action figure in town, and he’s rough, tough, and ready for action. He can do things no other action figure can do; he can work double shifts and save lives without breaking a sweat. And while he doesn’t kill bad guys to make the world a safer place, he’s everyone’s hero….he’s a nurse. If nurse recruiters start passing these out at daycare centers, we will get more men into the nursing profession within the next fifteen to twenty years.

I think the makers of the action figure used this nurse as their model. What do you think?