I wish my mechanic had wireless Internet at his garage.

I’m having the oil changed in my car tomorrow and I won’t have any way of reading blogs. I wish I were like this girl. She’s young, cute, and knows how to work on her own car. Now if I could get my mechanic to install wireless Internet along with a day spa, I’d be all set.

Don’t you hate spending your day off doing something that you’re not looking forward to doing? Nurses always enjoy having time away from the hospital. It’s nice to have a day to yourself. I once had a nursing supervisor who just didn’t “get it.”

The sun is peeking through my bedroom window. It’s 5 a.m. and I’m in a deep sleep. The phone rings:

Nursing Supervisor: Good morning Mother Jones, RN, this is Mrs. Annoying from the hospital. I’m calling because we need you to come in today to work on your unit.

Me: What? Who….what did you say?

Nursing Supervisor: Oh, did I wake you? I’m sorry. I wanted to call you early so you wouldn’t be late for work.

Me: It’s my day off.

Nursing Supervisor: But we NEED you. You MUST come in. We’re DESPERATE.

Me: No thank you, (grumble-grumble), I’m not coming in (muffled swearing), stop calling me (homicidal thoughts). Goodbye!

A day off is a sacred day. Girls (and boys) just want to have fun!