What does Mother Jones RN and these boulders have in common? We’re all stoned. Get it? Those pains pills I’m taking for my injured ankle are kicking my butt.

I taped up my ankle, took my pain pills, grabbed my crutches, and hobbled to the polls first thing yesterday morning. My husband dropped me off in front of our local firehouse, and then went to park the car. While I was waiting for my prince, several people came up and asked if I need any help. Oh no, I was fine, really fine, because the pain pills were kicking in. Some very nice redneck good-old-boys let me cut in line, and my prince and I were done voting in about 15 minutes. Chivalry is not dead.

Like millions of other Americans, I watched the election results on ABC and Fox. The guys on Fox looked glum. I also heard that Vice President Cheney went hunting on Election Day. I hope someone took the buckshot out of his rifle when the election results started coming in.

Do you remember this?