Have you ever thought about running away from a job, never to return again? If you have, you’re not alone. Let’s look a Nurse Stowell’s case and see why she’s running away.

“For Nurse Jennifer Stowell, flight seemed the only solution. After the scandal involving her with the head of the Octagon Hospital, Jenny fled to the peaceful beaches of Hawaii, hoping to escape the gossip, the whispers and the pointing fingers. No one, it seemed, had believed her innocent.

But on the smooth sands of Waikiki, handsome Dr. Brain Craig fell in love with Jenny. And Jenny, knowing all too well the damage that malicious gossip can do to the career of a promising young doctor, had to run again—this time from the arms of the man she loved.”

How will a determined young doctor—bent on marrying Jennifer in spite of herself—bring out the truth of an old scandal while saving the woman he loves? If he’s smart he’ll figure it out. Jennifer must have a lot on her mind. It’s hard being the subject of malicious gossip while being pursued by a rich and handsome doctor.

There are all kinds of reasons why nurses run away from a job. Sometimes they run away because they are the subjects of malicious gossip. Nurses have been gossiping since the days of Florence Nightingale, and it’s degrading to the profession. Nurses also leave jobs because they feel that their employers are exploiting them. Employers can mandate nurses to work 16-hour shifts and many hospitals have been accused of using forced overtime to fill holes in staffing schedules. Many other nurses leave the profession altogether because they are tired of not being able to give the kind of care they want to give to their patients. And then there are nurses who leave the profession because they get married and live happily ever after. Some girls have all the luck. I’ve been thinking about leaving nursing because I’m getting too old to deflect punches when someone is out of control and is trying to hit me.

I plan to run away from my job just as soon as I hit the Lotto Jackpot. But then again like the old saying goes, once a nurse, always a nurse.