Here’s a picture of the hard-boiled virgin. The man is “testing” her to see if she’s done. I don’t know how a virgin becomes hard-boiled, but some of you have voiced some intriguing ideas.

Men fawn over girls who look like this young woman. I had a classmate named Mary when I was in nursing school. She was a knockout. Leagues of men adored her, and they all wanted to take her out on a date. Mary enjoyed the attention, but she wasn’t a tramp. She was a rare combination of beauty and brains, and she was very serious about her studies.

I never thought that being beautiful would have a downside, but Mary occasionally had problems with sexually preoccupied patients. She approached this challenge with dignity and grace while providing superb nursing care to dirty old men, horny teenage boys, and the sporadic sexual pervert. They would grab at her, and she would bob and weave. They would ask her out on a date, and she would tell them she was their nurse, and nothing more. Some of the men exposed themselves to her and she would just walk out of the room. I was amazed at her unflappability. She was never demeaning when setting limits on inappropriate behavior, and she always enjoyed taking care of her patients.

Maybe the hard-boiled virgin is a nurse. She looks intelligent and kind. She also looks like she can take care of herself. Watch out! I think she’s going to put this guy in his place.