Here I am at home in my favorite red gown. My prince adores me and he’s waiting on me hand and foot. He just polished my tiara. How do I look? Ok, maybe I don’t look exactly like this, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

I am a princess nurse who is very tired when I come home from work at the hospital. My prince appreciates all of my hard work, and he spoils me rotten. I work 16 hours every Saturday, and my prince serves me breakfast in bed every Sunday morning. He makes me French toast, my favorite. My prince supports my dreams of returning to school, and he takes me shopping for books whenever I want. He is kind, considerate, and patient, which is a good thing because I can get cranky when I’m having hot flashes. My wish is his command. He works on keeping the passion alive in our marriage.

When I’m not at work or at school, I kickback and relax by blogging or by reading a good book. Like I’ve said before, I’m not Martha Stewart, and if you enjoy a spotless home, don’t step foot on my property. My house is cluttered, but this doesn’t bother my prince. He just steps around the junk that’s lying around the house. It’s also a good thing that he likes to cook because I can’t boil water. The last time I tired boiling water, the pan caught on fire, but that’s another story. The kitchen is his domain, however, I do have visitation rights to the refrigerator whenever I want a can of Coke. He won’t even let me clean the kitchen when he’s done preparing our meals. The best thing about my prince is that no matter how old and wrinkled I get, he always thinks I’m beautiful. Love is blind.

I think I’ll keep him. I’m the luckiest princess nurse in the world.