Gerbil from Bite-Size Reviews is nudging me to comment about what’s going on at the Heart Attack Grill. Would you like fries with that rant? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I wasn’t surprised when Sandy Summers got upset when she heard about the scantly dressed waitresses at the Heart Attack Grill. Sandy is the founder of the Center Nursing Advocacy. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Sandy in the past, and I think she is a very nice person. I’ve even written a few letters on Sandy’s behalf. However, sometimes I wish the center would stop making nurses look like a bunch of whiners. Some nurses need to lighten up and get a sense of humor.

If someone wears a short, tight nurse’s uniform with high heels while serving artery-clogging burgers, she’s probably not a nurse. Duh, you think? No one in their right mind is going to think that the grill’s waitresses are real nurses. Personally, I’m not the least bit offended by the Heart Attack Grill “nurses.” I’m no prude. And what’s up with the Arizona Board of Nursing? The nursing board asked the Arizona attorney general to put the kibosh on the grill’s use of the word “nurses,” saying, “only a person who holds a valid and current license to practice professional nursing may use the title ‘Nurse.’” Has the board been ingesting peyote at their meetings? No one at the grill was trying to practice nursing. They were just serving burgers and hoping for a big tip.

I get frustrated when I see nurses going after someone like the Burger Doc instead of supporting important federal legislation like the National Nurse Act. I’m amazed that there are still nurses who don’t grasp the importance of this bill, and who are actively trying to sabotage its passage in Congress. The American Nurses Association and the American Organization of Nurse Executives are the biggest offenders. I’m appalled that they call themselves nurse leaders. They are out of touch and don’t truly represent bedside nurses.

Nurses, let’s stop beating up burger flippers and get serious about raising the profile of nurses while improving health care in America. Please to go the National Nurse website to learn more about the bill.