Hey look, there’s another Princess Nurse. And I thought I was the only one. Her name is Flower Palmer. Apparently people think her nursing cap looks like a crown. They must not know that diamond tiaras are a girl’s best friend. Nurse Palmer is young, smart, and idealistic, but unfortunately she has a big problem. Like a lot of other women, she would rather marry a frog than a prince. See her staring at the doctor. He treats her with disrespect, and she wants to be with him.

Our Princess Nurse is engaged to her Prince Charming, Jimmy Scott. He’s handsome, fabulously wealthy, and very much in love with Flower. He’s also the nephew a mega-bizillionaire who just happens to be one of Flower’s patients. So, what’s her problem? Read on to find out:

“Two women in the Scott Mansion hated Nurse Palmer. And there also was Dr. Lester Dean, the dark-haired, moody, unpredictable young doctor at the hospital, whose anger and contempt and sudden passion had shaken and frightened Flower.”

“Dr. Lester greeted Flower with a cynical smile. ‘Well, if it isn’t our little Princess nurse. I suppose I should congratulate you on catching the nephew of your first wealthy patient, but I’m really a little disappointed in you. I thought you dedicated your life to alleviating suffering.’ Flushing, she blurted angrily, ‘Whatever I do can’t possibly be of interest to you.’ He stopped suddenly and his lips came down on hers, hard, demanding. And for a minute her lips met his demand, while blood raced through her veins at runaway speed. Then she tore herself away from him and her hand flashed to his face with a resounding slap.”

But in the end she dumps the rich, handsome, nice boyfriend for the moody, creepy doctor. I think our Princess of White Starch has her cap on too tight and it’s cutting off the blood supply to her brain. I’ve never been able to figure out why some women like “bad boys.” Maybe they think that if they kiss their frog enough times, he’ll turn into a prince. I hate to tell you this ladies, but that only happens in fairytales.

Don’t be like the Princess of White Starch. Stop kissing frogs and find a nice prince.