Do you remember your days as a student nurse? It was stressful. I remember staying up all night writing treatment plans and learning everything there was to know about my assigned patient’s medical condition. Our nursing instructors would drill us unmercifully about our patient’s condition, and about their nursing needs. And God help us if we didn’t know the clinical implications of the medications we were giving to our patients. If we didn’t know the answer to a question, we were one step closer to being kicked out of school. Ahh, those were the good old days.

Here’s a book about a student nurse. Doesn’t she look professional? I think Kim from emergiblog would love her cap. She’s thinking about her boyfriend, and obviously has good taste in men. He’s hot! But, she too, is under a lot of stress. Here’s her story:

“Every moment is an emergency when you’re training to be a nurse!

In nursing school, every day was plagued with the constant pressure of life-and-death crises, the unrelenting fear of failing the patient, the frantic pulse of the hospital heartbeat. Student nurse Carol Welles was determined to become a self-assured professional, but she was a woman as well, who wanted her relationship with medical student Duane Duran to become something more permanent.

From Obstetrics to Intensive Care, from her first injection to her first catheterization, Carol tried to cut down on human suffering…and caused her personal life to suffer at the same time. She was in the field of saving lives…could she discover how to save her own life, too?”

Poor Carol. Not only does she have to stay up all night writing her treatment plans, she has to worry about saving her own life, as well. What’s a girl to do?

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