Hi everyone, and happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re keeping warm. What a miserable day. It’s cold, wet, the roads are slick with ice, trees are down, and the power is out. And of course, the hospital called. “Hi Mother Jones RN, we love you sooooo much, we’re willing to come to your home, and pick you up for work. We know you worked your butt off last weekend, and that it’s your day off, but will you come in oh valued employee?” I declined their generous offer. It’s too dangerous to be out on the roads, even in a 4 wheel drive truck.

There are two Valentine’s Day rules you must remember if you know a nurse. The first rule is about candy. Don’t get between a nurse and a box of chocolates. I promise you that things will get ugly if you take the last piece of candy without permission.

The second rule is about flowers. Gentlemen, if you want to make points with a nurse, send her roses when she is at work. The delivery of a dozen long stemmed red roses causes sheer pandemonium at the nurses station. The nurse receiving the flowers will be the envy of every other nurse on the unit, and you will be well “rewarded” for your thoughtfulness. And remember, if the nurse of your dreams is allergic to flowers, diamonds are always an excellent gift.

I have to run now, it’s time to throw another log on the fire.