Look at Nurse Lori Waters snuggling with that handsome doctor, who is also a pilot. I’m sure she’s just trying to stay warm. Yeah, right! Hey Lori, take off your nurses cap and put your hood up. You’re loosing body heat through the top of your head, and don’t you know it’s not proper etiquette to wear your nurses cap outside of the hospital. On second thought, maybe she can’t take it off because it’s frozen onto her head. Lori moved to Alaska to escape the memory of heartbreak. She’s a smart girl. Nurses make big bucks in Alaska, and there are more men than women living in that state. Seems to be a win-win situation. You go, girl!

It’s stinking cold outside. I’m sitting by a space heater in my flannel pajamas trying to stay warm. I’m also diving into my second bag of Cheetos. And I wonder why I gain so much weight during the winter. My coworkers called me last night and said that snowbirds are beginning to flock in. A snowbird is defined as a homeless person who comes to the ER and states that they are suicidal so they can be admitted into the hospital. I don’t blame them a bit. We offer superb customer service, which includes three hot meals per a day, and a warm bed to sleep in at night. And let’s not forget about the flat screen televisions and the wireless Internet service available to all of our patients. Our cure rate is remarkable. Suicidal thoughts quickly fade when the weather starts warming up. Man, are we good.

I love this old ad. I can’t imagine my life without spell check. I’m working on Thursday’s edition of Change of Shift, and I’m really pleased to see that so many new bloggers are submitting post. If you haven’t sent in a post yet, email it to
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Stay warm!