Doesn’t Madonna look adorable in her….by the way, what is she wearing? When I was growing up as a little girl in Iowa, no one told me that a girl could become rich and famous by wearing her unmentionables in front of millions of peoples. Obviously, someone forgot to fill me in on that little secret.

Shane from NJO has started a meme that asks the question, “Name four things that, as a nurse, you can’t live without, and one thing that you covet.” I have to admit that I’m having a problem compiling a list. Outside of my book collection, I’m not really a material girl. My father once told me, “If you can’t eat it or wear it, you don’t need it,” and the older I get, the more I understand what he was saying. Things can’t make you happy; it’s the intangibles that are the most important things in life. With that in mind, allow me to list my items that I can’t live without.

Knowing that there is something bigger outside of myself helps me get through a bad shift. A cornerstone of my life is the belief in a higher power, and that everything happens for a reason. I stop and ask myself what the universe is trying to teach me each time the shift is falling apart around me. Sometimes I think that I’m being taught patience, and other times tolerance, but sometimes I think the universe is pulling a prank on me, and it makes me laugh.

I can’t imagine life without my family, and that includes the members of my nurse-girl posse. Life is incomplete without a girlfriend you can share secrets with, and no one understands a nurse like another nurse.

This is the Cambridge University Shield. I’d love to take a class there, and meet my friend,The Angry Medic. People can take away all of your possessions, but they can’t take away the knowledge that you hold inside your mind. To keep from going stark raving mad, I indulge my intellectual side by taking classes at my local community college. The classes allow me to focus on things that I’m interested in, like writing and photography, and they serve as an escape from the stresses of work.

I could not live without the wisdom and knowledge of those nurses who came before me, and taught us through example, how to lead extraordinary lives.

If there were one “thing” that I have to covet, it would be Curt’s book collection over at The Groovy Age of Horror. You know I LOVE books!

Now it’s my turn to tag two people, so I’m tagging Nurse William and Deacon Barry. Tag, you’re it!