It’s another Monday morning, and I’m currently camped out in my favorite spot at my local Panera Bread. Just like this young lady, I’m lounging in a soft and comfortable seat while enjoying my day. I’ve parked myself by the all-you-can-drink soda fountain machine, and I’m savoring a wonderful egg-bacon-spinach soufflé. As I surf the web and sip on my second refill of Diet Coke, I’m watching people as they drive off to work. Life is good.

Drug Monkey from Your Pharmacist May Hate You has posted his thoughts about this story from the New York Times. It looks like a pharmaceutical company is offering us a “helping hand” while helping themselves into our pockets. Of course the company is claiming that they only have our best interest at heart. I’m sorry, but do we have stupid written across our forehead? Mental health care consumers are the targets of this new program. I encourage you to read Drug Monkey’s entertaining thoughts on this subject.