This poster is from World War I, and it shows a wounded veteran who needs help. Back then our government made a pledge to care for our wounded men and women in uniform. Now the military is pledging to punish anyone who talks to the press.

It looks like my friend that I talked about in this post got out of Walter Reed just in time. She never would have survived in this environment. According to an article published in the Army Times , the patients at the Walter Reed Army Hospital are paying the consequences for talking to the Washington Post about living conditions in the infamous building 18. They are being watched very closely by the government, and have been ordered not to talk to the media. As a nurse, and as an American, I think this policy is despicable. How can we as a nation address problems if we don’t know about them. The doctors and nurses at Walter Reed are doing a phenomenal job in caring for our troops. It’s too bad that our government can’t do the same for those who have given so much for our country.

So much for keeping my blog a political free zone. Silence is bad medicine.