Here is Nurse Kay Landon in her sporty red convertible talking to Doctor Peter Hayes. He is the dreamiest doctor at Lakefront Hospital. Kay was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and she is burning out after working at a public hospital. She is wondering how she’s going to last another day at work. It seems like her biggest challenge, however, is going to be keeping her nurses cap on her head once she hits the accelerator on her speedy little sports car. It’s quitting time, and she really wants to go home. Who can blame her, especially after a hellish shift?

Dr. Hayes and Kay have a “history.” He insulted her, and told her that she was “spoiled, a snob—in short, the sort of girl who is not much use in the world.” She was offended, and to show him how wrong he was, she enrolled in nursing school:

“Kay Landon had enrolled for nurses’ training and turned her back on her easy luxurious life. Her family and friends were horrified, but she was braced for their disapproval. Now she must tell her fiancé, wealthy Nicky Fairchild.

“But you can’t, Kay.” Nicky’s firm jaw was stubborn. “I won’t let you do it!” What on earth made you ever consider such a thing? You’re lovely and fun. This crazy mixed-up world needs girls like you.”

It sounds like Nicky adores spoiled, rich party girls. He thinks the world needs more rich chicks like Paris Hilton. Maybe he’s right. Imagine how things might change if Paris Hilton, like Kay, wanted to become a nurse. I can see it now. Paris attends Celebrity University and graduates top in her nursing class, and after a long night of clubbing, she goes home and gets ready to go to work. She slips on her Gucci scrubs and Jimmy Choo nursing shoes, grabs her Louis Vuitton handbag, hops into her limo, and goes into work with her posse in tow. The Paparazzi snap pictures of her as she enters Hilton Hospital. Young girls yearn to be a nurse just like their role model, Paris.

During morning report, a makeup artist reapplies Paris’ lipstick. Paris goes to assess her patients after report, but she quickly becomes overwhelmed with work. Seeing that Paris is about to throw a temper tantrum, her personal secretary starts taking off orders that are piling up at the nurses station while Paris’ personal trainer turns her bedridden patients every two hours. Paris is popular with her coworkers because she hires everyone their own personal staff. She’s a team player. Other celebrities soon follow in Paris’ footsteps and enter into the nursing profession. One day Brittany Spears, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan will be working as nurses. Of course someone will have to tell Brittany that she can’t go “commando” at work.

If you are a hot young doctor like Dr. Hayes, please, step up to the plate and help solve the nursing shortage. Insult a rich chick, or rich dude, and convince them that they, too, want to become a nurse.