Can you guess what this nurse and I have in common?

Answer: We both work in a factory, and we both frequently check our watches to see how many more hours we have to work until we can go home. The difference is that she gets two 15-minute breaks and lunch. She works in a union shop and I don’t.

I bet you have figured out that my weekend didn’t go too well. I work in a health care factory. The admissions kept rolling in, and there were hospitals from all over the state calling our unit asking if we had any open beds. Sure, we had beds, but we didn’t have enough staff to take care of the patients, so I threw down the gauntlet. I CLOSED THE UNIT FOR ADMISSIONS. Then I told administration. Sacrilege, heresy, blasphemy! When I was asked to explain myself, I said, “I am keeping the unit safe. My first priority is the safety of the patients on the unit.” Keep a mental note of these phrases and make them your mantra. Administrators have a hard time arguing with logic.

I’m sure Mr. Grinch and the administrative bean counters are going to put their heads together this week and figure out a way to make sure that we never lose money like this again. In all fairness, my boss backed me up. She sounded sad when I talked to her over the phone—I’m sure she’s catching hell about this today at work—but she backed my decision about closing the unit.

My plans for today:

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.