I’ll never forget those immortal words, “Double your pleasure, double your fun.” Chewing gum was fun, except when you got caught chewing it in class. We had to wear the offending wad of gum on the tip of our nose if our teacher caught us breaking the class rules. Of course, I was the perfect child, and never chewed gum at school. There was another reason why I didn’t chew gum. I wore braces, and I didn’t want to get gum tangled up in the wires.

Check out this old Doublemint ad. It says that chewing Wriggles Doublemint gum helps a woman keep the youthful contour of her face. I didn’t know that chewing gum could make a woman look beautiful. Somehow I don’t see women trading in botox and expensive plastic surgery for a pack of chewing gum.

Today, I’m doubling my pleasure by writing a double meme. I received these memes from Liana from Med Valley High and from 24 Hour Nurse from Nursing 24 Hours A Day . Liana wants to know 5 reasons why I blog, and 24 Hour Nurse asked me to write 8 random facts about myself . Here we go.

Five reasons why I blog:

Writing helps me relax. The creative process relieves stress.

I enjoy sharing information with others about things that are important to me.

I enjoy developing “pen pal” relationships with people from around the world.

Writing is a way of advocating for my patients.

It’s fun.

Here are eight random facts about me.

I am a huge animal lover.

I wrote a book about Fiesta dinnerware.

I am a perennial college student.

My kids think I’m the coolest mom on earth because I’m a blogger.

I’m a thrift store junkie.

I play the cello.

My favorite actor is Robert Redford.

My car is a Scion. I named it Milton Harvey.

I’m not into tagging people, so feel free to tag yourself.