I’m depressed. Yes, even psych nurses get depressed. Another nurse I work with is leaving our unit at the end of the month. She’s been a nurse for years, and she can’t take it anymore. She plans to leave nursing.

She told me that she’s been thinking about this for a long time. Do you remember the Lucy show episode where she’s working in a chocolate factory? You remember, it’s the episode where the conveyer belt keeps moving the chocolates faster and faster until Lucy can’t keep up anymore, and she starts stuffing the candy in her shirt and into her mouth. My friend says that she feels like Lucy. She observed that the patients are widgets on the conveyer belt, and that she hates not being able to give them the care that they deserve. The pace on our unit is getting more chaotic, and we both see patients getting shoved through a profit driven system, sometimes with tragic results. She’s had it, and she turned in her resignation last night before leaving work.

Maybe I should start working on that great American novel I always wanted to write, and start thinking about a new career. But on the other hand, if I left nursing, I wouldn’t have anything to write about for my blog, so I think I’ll stick around a little longer in the asylum we call the health care system.