I love a lobster feast. It looks good, too. There’s nothing better than lobster and Coke. Too bad I’m not going to barbeque today. I’m going to work. I know I should stop whining. Nobody held a gun to my head to make me sign up for the extra shift, and I’m getting paid double time and a half for working on a holiday. Yes, I sold my soul to the health care devil, at least for today. I wonder if the typical Memorial Day weekend crowd is starting to drift into the hospital yet. The ER gets swamped with all kinds of injuries related to the holiday. They treat burns, cuts, and sprains, and unfortunately we can always count on someone falling out of a boat and drowning. That’s always a heartbreaker, especially if the victim is a kid. We get the drunks on psych. People who drink too much during the holidays get depressed, or turn into fighters, and they end up on my unit. I love it when they come up from the ER trying to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

Not on my shift. Kindly take your Haldol and go to sleep, thank you very much.

Enjoy your day off.