Sometimes, hearing voices is a good thing. No, I’m not talking about auditory hallucinations. I’m talking about a great new nursing forum called Nursing Voices: Nursing Talk From Around the World, and we need to hear your voice.

Nursing Voices has been around for the last couple of years as a small syndicated website for nurse bloggers, but now it has blossomed into a full-fledged nursing forum. The good people at Nursing are the creators of Nursing Voices. I’ll admit it, I’m new to nursing forums and I’m not a computer geek, but this forum is so user friendly, even I can figure out how to use its uncluttered format. There is something for everyone at Nursing Voices. Did you have a bad day at work, or did you see something that made you laugh so hard that you nearly peed your pants? Tell us what happened. Are you a student nurse who is ready to graduate or throw in the towel? Tells us what’s on your mind. Are you a male nurse? Gentlemen, this forum is for you. Tell the ladies what you’re thinking about. Nursing Voices is for everyone.

Come join the fun. We’re waiting for YOU!