Hi everyone. Just wanted you to know that I made it to Iowa in one piece. The flight wasn’t bad if you don’t mind traveling like a sardine packed in a can. Sheesh! Whatever happened to flying the friendly skies? Word to the wise, eat before you travel on a plane. They don’t even serve you peanuts anymore.

Things sure haven’t changed much since I moved to the big city. It was a long drive from the airport to get to my mom’s place. I’m blogging from my mom’s computer. She’s my editor and chief proofreader. Scalpel, you’re right. There’s corn growing everywhere. Its well on it’s way to being knee high by the Fourth of July.

Well, I’m going to visit with the kinfolk for a little while, and then I’m going to bed. In the meantime, read these fun facts about my home state.

The state bird of Iowa is the goldfinch, which should not be confused with any criminal masterminds who tried to kill James Bond.

The 31st president of the US – Herbert Hoover – was born in West Branch, Iowa. This is a fact that Liberals living in Iowa would like to forget.

The state song of Iowa is “Corn! Corn! Corn!”, which consists entirely of people singing the word “corn” for 5 minutes, and was the inspiration for Monty Python’s “Spam” sketch.

Burlington, Iowa is home to Snake Alley, the crookedest street in America, which rates an impressive 9.5 on the Haliburton crookedness scale.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa is home to the world’s largest breakfast cereal company – Quaker Oats. I grew up in Cedar Rapids, and thanks to my childhood, I can’t look at a bowl of oatmeal in the morning.

Check in tomorrow and I’ll show you around the place. Let’s have some fun in the middle of nowhere.