Norman Rockwell got it right in this picture. People love to gossip. Nurses love to gossip, too, even about the petty stuff, so I can just imagine what nurses at Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland are saying after they learned about the shenanigans of one of their foreign born doctors. It seems as though one of their Iraqi doctors, who is now being treated for burns at the hospital, was the man who tried to blow up the Glasgow airport.

I wonder if the nurses are fighting over who is going to take him as a patient. I ordinarily hate floating to other units, but I’d make an exception in this case. I’d love to be this guy’s nurse. The Florence Nightingale Pledge be damned, I’d have such fun torching the douche bag. I can see it now:

“Good Morning Mr. Terrorist. I’m your nurse, Mother Jones, RN. My, those burns look painful. Were those the kind of burns that you were trying to inflict on other people? Time to debride those burns. Let me rip those bandages off for you.”

You get the picture. I’d be having way too much fun.

I wonder how all of this is going to affect the foreign born doctors at our hospital. The FBI came to our hospital right after 9/11, and wanted to know about the doctors who built a Mosque across the street from our facility. The doctors wanted a place to pray while they were at work. These guys aren’t terrorists, but now I wonder if this incident is going to bring the FBI back for another visit.

I look for the positive in every situation. Perhaps this situation will prompt some of our foreign born doctors to start treading a little more lightly around the nurses station, and stop acting like jerks.