I saw a news story that made my stomach turn. Bob Woodruff reports that more than 22,000 Iraq war veterans are being discharged from military service due to a “pre-existing” personality disorder. Why are our war heroes being branded with this diagnosis? It’s simple. Our government has found a way to deny mental health benefits to veterans who are suffering from mental health disorders related to their time in Iraq.

HMOs have been playing this game with patients for a long time. It’s the game of “Plausible Denial.” I’ve seen insurance companies cook up all kinds of reasons to deny people mental health care services. I once cared for a woman who wanted to kill herself by jumping in front of a train. She was serious, but since a train couldn’t possibly come through our hospital unit, her insurance company said that the patient was no longer an imminent risk to herself, so they refused to pay for her hospitalization. Now the military has adopted the same HMO mindset, and is screwing over our service men and women who are coming home from Iraq. Please read Bob Woodruff’s story about our government’s latest shenanigans, and then write a letter to your member of Congress. Tell them to court marshal the people who came up with this bright idea. I’m sure whoever came up with this plan will have a bright future with an HMO one day whenever they leave military service.