The first day of school is just around the corner, and a lot of people are ecstatic. Trust me, parents from around the country have been marking the days off on their calendars in anticipation to the upcoming event. Students however, have mixed emotions about going back to school, especially nursing students. On the one hand, nursing students look forward to entering a profession that is held in high esteem, but on the other hand, they know that their life is about to be turned up-side-down. Never fear, Mother’s here, and I’m going to give you some tips on how to survive nursing school.

Here is student nurse Gail Weston. She is the picture of perfection. Her blue dress and white pinafore are spotless, and her nursing cap is sitting on top of her head like a crown. Nothing rattles her. She remains calm when everyone around her is loosing their cool. Do you need a student nurse in the room during code blue? Gail performs perfectly under pressure. She’s tireless, and she’s smart as a whip. Gail never misses a single answer on any test. What’s her secret to being the perfect student nurse? It’s easy to be perfect when you are a fictional character in a book. There is no such thing as a flawless student nurse. Do your best when you are in school, but don’t make yourself crazy by striving for perfection.

This is student nurse Shirley Davidson and her heartbreak boyfriend, Dr. Gerald Trent. He’s whispering sweet-nothings into her ear. Shirley isn’t sure if she will have the strength to give up her social life. Student nurses don’t have to completely give up their social life, but sometimes they definitely have to put it on the backburner. You can’t do well in your classes if you’ve been out partying the night before, and your instructors and fellow students will not think highly of you if you come to class smelling of alcohol. Granted, everyone needs to have a little fun, but it’s no fun taking a test, or taking care of patients while nursing a hangover. And yes, you can still have a love life while you are in nursing school, but your partner needs to understand that studying for school is going to take up most of your time. If your significant other really loves you, he or she will understand, and do whatever it takes to get you through school.

Unhand that woman, you fiend! You have no right to hurt her just because she’s a student. Students have rights, too. You have the right to work in an environment that is supportive and free of hostility. Unfortunately, there are people who enjoy being mean to students, but don’t let them get away with something that they shouldn’t do. Talk to your instructor if someone is disrespecting you, or if you are being abused.

Embrace your time in school. There are going to be days when you hate going to class, but it is your pathway to a more fulfilling and rewarding life.