Surf’s up, Dude. Look at our winsome nurse hanging out at the beach. I wonder if her cap is waterproof. Ron Tercotte is holding the surfboard. He’s the doctor who ran away from his brilliant medical career to become a beach bum. Maybe doctor Tercotte decided it was easier to catch a big wave than it was to get paid by an HMO. Prehaps we should all start thinking about hanging out at the beach.

I’m still looking for a new and exciting career in nursing. Has anyone seen an ad like this for a surf nurse?


Nurse to work on a resort beach. Must know how to swim, shoot the curl, and hang ten. Also must know how to save drowning victims while running in slow motion like they do on the TV show, Bay Watch. Duties include beach combing, attending beach parties, and participating in beach volleyball tournaments. Applicants must have expertise in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and know how to slather on sunscreen. Female applicants must provide their own uniform consisting of an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini. Male applicants must supply their own Speedo. Please send your resume to In Your Dreams Recruiting Agency.

If you see an ad like this, please let me know.