I’m sick, I’m really sick. I’m nursing a fever for the third night in a row. Fevers make me crazy. I’m hearing two voices in my head; a histrionic voice and a rational voice. This is what the voices are saying:

Histrionic voice: This is it; I’m dying. I can’t breath, I’m coughing, and I can’t eat. I have a splitting headache and my body feels like it is on fire. Maybe I have pneumonia, or….maybe it is the bird flu. It’s the end of all mankind! Goodbye world, I’m going to those pearly gates in the sky.

Rational voice: You have a cold you big baby. Shut up and take two Tylenol and call me in the morning. Oh, wait; I’m me. Never mind.

I’m sick, and yet I’m blogging. What’s with that? I’m spending my night with my Mac and the Grim Reaper. Now where did I put that darn Tylenol?