Just like Mr. Caveman, Filipinos want a little respect. There is a lot of talk going around the blogosphere about an episode that aired on Desperate House Wives in which Teri Hatcher’s character slams Filipino medical schools. Personally, when I viewed the scene in question on YouTube, I thought, “Did she say what I thought she just said?” I’ve worked with many excellent Filipino doctors and nurses during my days in Chicago, and let me tell you, they are some of the best health care professionals on earth, bar none.

I think that this whole brouhaha centers on two issues; the lack of cultural sensitivity on the part of ABC, and how other cultures view “Ugly Americans.” If you haven’t noticed, most of the world thinks that our foreign policy and our attitudes are pretty cocky, so I’m sure that this incident serves to fan the flames. I’m not suggesting that ABC maliciously decided to demean a group of individuals. That’s bad business. What I am suggesting is that ABC needs some cultural sensitivity training. Maybe Mr. Cavemen can act as their mentor, and get them onto the path of redemption.