Please indulge me today; it’s been a rough week. This is a picture of my dog, Diva. She’s my angel and my little girl. My husband and I rescued her about 8 years ago. Diva had been abused in a puppy mill. We spoiled her rotten. She traveled everywhere with us, and she was the star of the show. She was always full of energy, but last month something changed. Diva started slowing down, so I took her to the vet. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We’ve been giving her Lasix and other medications, but today it was clear that she was suffering. She was struggling to breathe and she was in pain, so I had her euthanized. According to Wikipedia, the term euthanasia come from the Greek words “eu” and “thanatos” which combined means “good death.” I looked into her eyes as she took her last breath. Indeed, it was a good death. I’ve seen a lot of death throughout my years as a nurse. I wish that all of my patients could have died so peacefully.

My husband and I are crazy animal people. We also have two other dogs, two cats, and we are on a first name bases with all of the employees at our local PetSmart. I’m sure that another little angel will find their way into our home, but not today. I’ll spend today remembering Diva.