Is it me, or is there something unnatural about this picture. It looks like the Three Wise Men are traveling to an ASU alumni meeting. This is a picture that I took this morning at ASU. My kids are keeping me busy, and I’m having the time of my life. We went Christmas shopping yesterday. I don’t think I’ll ever get use to seeing plastic inflatable snowmen in the dessert landscape.

Here’s a picture of my daughters, Dani and Coty. I’ve learned a lot by watching them this week. Men have been hitting on my girls, and I’ve been taking notes. Some men are suave and know all the right things to say, while others need a lot of help. Here’s a tip. If you want to date a girl, you need to make points with her mother.

My daughter, Dani, is a pretty girl, and she has many suitors. She works at a coffee shop, and her boss told me that business always picks up when Dani is working behind the counter. One day, while I was visiting the shop, three bachelors dropped by to flirt with my daughter. Dani wanted my input about her boyfriends, and she introduced me to each young man. Bachelor Number One was smooth and genteel. He said, “Oh Mother Jones, it’s so nice to meet you, and I’d like to thank you for bringing your beautiful daughter into the world.” Really, I’m not making this up. Then he also gave me his cell phone number, and made me promise that I would call him if I needed anything while I was in town. This young man is on the right track to winning my daughter’s heart. He was saying all of the right things, but I wasn’t sure about his sincerity.

Then I met Bachelor Number Two. He tried to impress me, but he fell flat on his face. He told me that I was hot for my age, and that Dani is a hot date. Please note that this is definitely something that a man should never say to a girl’s mother. My daughter is not hot, she’s a lady, and the only hot thing going on in my life is menopause. I told my daughter that Bachelor Number Two needs time to grow up.

Bachelor Number Three dropped by later on during the day. I immediately fell in love with this guy, and I told Dani that I really want this guy as my son-in-law. He was sweet and kind, and we chatted for nearly an hour. He also gave me his cell phone number, and he made arrangements to escort me to Dani’s graduation ceremony. Bachelor Number Three was prepared for the ceremony. He handed me tissues when I started to cry when Dani walked across the stage to receive her diploma. The best part about this guy is his sincerity. I adore compassionate men and we agreed to stay in touch. I told Dani that I’m planning their wedding, and that I want grandchildren. Now!

I’ll keep you posted.