Meet my little graduate. This is my daughter, Dani. I took this picture of her when she was at work. Yes, I’m sure that I embarrassed her when I whipped out my camera, but it’s my job. I’m her mom. I’m having a great time out in Arizona, but I almost didn’t get here because U.S. Airways sucks! My stewardess and I had words. Loud words. She wanted me to hand over my Mac so she could “check it in” because she let some of the other passengers bring too much carry on luggage onto the plane. I told her that I was sorry, but that I wasn’t letting anyone place my beloved Mac in the belly of a plane. I strongly suggested that she think of another solution to her luggage problem. I was getting ready to get kicked off the plane when she gave me a “what-ever…(eye roll).” I found my seat and we took off. The plane was over booked, and they ran out of dry, tasteless sandwiches. Each one of those terrible boxed meals cost seven bucks! And I’m not even going to discuss the lame in flight movie they played for our “viewing enjoyment.” I will never fly with U.S. Airways again.

I can’t wait to spend the day with my kids. I promise that I’ll embarrass my kids more today, and that I’ll post their pictures later.