Are you old enough to remember when traveling was a pleasurable experience? It wasn’t that long ago when you could sit on an airplane without feeling like you had just been packed into a can of sardines. Everyone had comfortable legroom, and even the passengers flying in coach were treated to a hot and tasty in flight meal. Really! Check out this lady and all of her carry on luggage. She’s relaxing at the airport and sipping on her bottle of Coke. Imagine what would happen to this poor woman if she were traveling today. She would be standing in a long line waiting to check into the airport with hundreds of other passengers, and she would be shocked to learn that she couldn’t carry on all of her little bags when she boarded the plane. And forget about carrying liquids onto a plane. She wouldn’t like having to say goodbye to her makeup and to her bottle of Coke. I wonder what she would think when she walked through the airport security metal detector while wearing her underwire bra. Oh my, she really would be shocked if she knew what was coming next.

I’m packing my bags, and I’m flying out to Arizona next week. I’m working two twelve-hour shifts before my flight, so I plan on getting some serious shuteye while I’m on the plane. My first-born is graduating from ASU, and I’m going to watch her walk across the stage when she gets her diploma. My youngest girl lives out there, too, so I’m going to be in Mommy Heaven. I really miss my kids. Watch for updates, and pictures of my trip.

Au revoir, Arrivederla, Adios