Look at this. Christmas time means toys, and there is no better toy than a vintage nursing kit. Vernon at Nursing Pins sent me an email about this item, and I wanted to share it with you. I had a nursing kit just like this one when I was a little girl, except I don’t remember my hot water bottle looking like the one found in this kit. The hot water bottle in this kit didn’t grow old gracefully. I shop the Internet all of the time looking for vintage nursing items, and I think that Vernon has one of the coolest sites on the web. Vernon said that he would give anyone 10% off any item if they mentioned Nurse Ratched’s Place at the time of purchase. I don’t usually promote online shopping sites, but Vernon’s website is too cool to pass up. Go check it out.

Christmas time also means having a low census on my unit, and nothing says Christmas like an empty psychiatric unit and a night of blogging. I’m blogging from home tonight because my unit closed down after we sent our last patient home this afternoon. I love this postcard. It was given to me by one of my coworkers. The young lady in this picture is enjoying a holiday evening with her family thanks to Prozac. She knows that it just takes a little bit of planning to get through the holiday season. People generally don’t want to be admitted to the hospital just before Christmas, and who can blame them? They want to finish their Christmas shopping, and hospital food just can’t measure up to a home cooked Christmas meal. Unfortunately, Christmas cheer quickly evaporates on December 26th when people swarm the emergency room. Post Christmas shifts can really get chaotic, but it won’t be a problem for me this year because I’m taking the day after Christmas off. Like I said, it just takes a little bit of planning to get through the holidays season.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.