My husband and I have been married for ten years, and the poor guy can never win an argument. It’s not allowed. In our household, the woman is always right. We agree on most things except when it comes to the issue of organ donation. I’m an organ donor, but my husband believes that being an organ donor makes an individual more vulnerable to abuse. He says that there are some sick doctors in the medical community that will kill patients in order to harvest their organs. I’ve always said that was bunk, but then I read a story in the New York Times that proves my husband’s point.

A transplant surgeon is being accused of giving a patient heavy doses of morphine and Ativan to hasten a donor’s death. I gave the doctor the benefit of the doubt when I first heard about this story until I read that he is also accused of introducing Betadine into the patient’s system as a way of jumpstarting his death. The doctor’s attorney claims that nothing was done to hasten the patient’s death. Apparently, the nurses disagree. They are testifying on the behalf of the prosecution. I can only imagine what’s going to happen in court. If you were on the jury, who would you believe:

The surgeon accused of killing a patient for his organs, or…..

the patient’s nurses, who are testifying for the state?

My husband is never going to find out about this. I’m not breaking my perfect ten-year record of always being right.