Do you remember Maxwell Smart from the 1960’s hit television show, Get Smart? Every week Maxwell and his partner, Agent 99, would fight evildoers working for KAOS. Maxwell had a habit of making up stories, and he would start out by using the catch phrase, “Would you believe?”

There are a lot of things that you would never believe about the health care system, even if I could tell you the whole truth. I’m going to let you in on a little secret about my blog. There are some days when I feel like a huge liar. I’m not making stories up, really, this stuff happens, but I’m lying to you by omission. There are two main reasons why I must filter my stories. The biggest reason is HIPAA, that annoying law that keeps all health care bloggers from telling the whole truth about what goes on behind closed doors. The other reason involves credibility. A sane individual would never believe what really goes on inside of a hospital. The events defy rational thought.

You may be asking yourself, “Gee, Mother Jones, what’s up? Why are you feeling so glum?” My weekend didn’t start out well. I found a subpoena in my mailbox at work. No, I’m not being sued. I witnessed a crime on my unit. Remembering the cautionary tale of Dr. Flea, I will not go into details about the case, but let’s just say that my life is going to turn into poo within the next few weeks. I’ll also be avoiding certain parts of town, and I won’t be going out in public. And then there was the news that I received last night at the end of our shift. One of my former patients committed suicide. He was a kid, a sweet child who told everyone about how his crack head parents were abusing him at home. Again, the details of this case defy rational thought, and I can’t say anything else because of legalities. He said he would kill himself someday. Some things are just too heartbreaking to believe.

Goodbye, Sweetheart. You’re safe now. I hope you find peace with the angels.