According to a news story published in the Huffington Post, Dr. Jack Kevorkian plans to run for Congress. Kevorkian, who is still on parole, is running as an independent in Michigan’s Ninth District. I know that a lot of you are thinking, “Gee, we shouldn’t send a convicted criminal to Washington, D.C.,” but really, look what’s already there. Lobbyists are in bed—figuratively and literally—with public officials, members of Congress are chasing congressional pages, and then there was Senator Larry Craig’s unfortunate incident in an airport bathroom. And don’t get me started about what’s lurking in the White House. It seems to me that Kevorkian would be in his natural environment. He’s already spent time in jail, and he would be working with people who need to go there. And if elected, I’m sure that the HMOs will ask Dr. Kevorkian to legalize assisted suicide. Here’s a previous post about how it’s cheaper to let people die than it is to help save their lives.

Say yes to Dr. Death. Vote for Kevorkian in 2008!