I’ll admit it. I use to have a thing for Steven Jobs. I mean, really, just look at him. He’s smart, looks hot in blue jeans, and, oh yes, he’s a bizillionaire. But looks and a heavy-duty bank account can’t offset rudeness. I broke it off with Steven when he was mean to a girl-fan at a Mac convention. I’m so over him, and I wrote about it in this post. Well, Steven got even with me. As you may recall, my Mac Book went on the fritz last week, so I sent it in for repairs. Now, less than one week later after getting it back from the factory, the darn thing won’t even boot up.

I know you’re messing with me, Steven. I know you are angry. Rejection is a hard thing to take, but please understand that I’m not attracted to mean spirited men no matter how hot they look in blue jeans. Steven, you must accept the fact that it’s over between us, and stop screwing with my computer when it’s at the factory for repairs. Please move on, but if you want to win me back, you might want to try sending me an iPhone.