I’m feeling grumpy today. I sat at the car dealership for over an hour, waiting to have my car serviced. I hate getting my car serviced on my day off. The service department was packed. It reminded me of what our emergency room looks like during a full moon.

I watched TV while I was waiting for my car, and I saw a news story on CNN that made my blood pressure go up. Some genius just released a study that links ADHD to kids who use cell phones. The children in this study were no older than seven years old. I’d like to ask the researchers why these children had cell phones in the first place. Maybe some of these kids are acting out because their parents are over indulgent, and give them whatever they want. I can hear it now:

Kid: I want a cell phone.

Parents: But honey, do you really need a phone?

Kid: I want one NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Parents: Oh Sweetie, don’t be mean. You’re hurting our feelings.

Kid: Fuck you! Get me a cell phone. (Child punches hole in wall, and starts throwing furniture).

Parents: OK, darling. We’re sorry that we made you mad.

See my point? Many child experts view destructive behavior as a symptom of ADHD. I call a lot of it criminal behavior. I see this crap all the time, and it’s getting on my nerves. Parents need to get a clue and learn how to say no, and brats with bogus ADHD need to suffer some consequences for their malicious behavior.

Maybe I should conduct my own study on the effectiveness of woodshed therapy in the treatment of bogus ADHD. Look for me on CNN.