What on earth is going on here? It looks like the police are hauling poor Ronald off to the hospital. Maybe he was hearing bad McVoices telling him to hurt people. Would you like fries with your Haldol, Ronald?

I’m not in a good mood. I’m ready to stick my nursing license into the shredder and go to work at McDonalds. I had a patient go off on the unit this weekend. He wanted to hurt someone, so I put him into locked seclusion. Then I did what I was supposed to do. I called the doctor, but he refused to come to the hospital to do the face-to-face assessment with the patient. Then it gets better. He didn’t ask another doctor to come into the hospital to cover my ass. I told the nursing supervisor what was going on, but apparently that wasn’t enough. What was I suppose to do? Let a dangerous, homicidal patient out of seclusion because a doctor didn’t come see the patient? I can’t make a doctor come see a patient, or do anything else that he or she doesn’t want to do.

Nurses take the fall when things go wrong at the hospital. I’m having a meeting with my boss on Wednesday. I’ll let you know if I’m asking, “do you want fries with that?” at my next job.

UPDATE: Check out It’s Always the Nurse’s Fault: Part II