Stress in the workplace has been plaguing nurses for a long time. This ad is from 1963. Apparently work got overwhelming for at least one nurse. Her nursing cap fell off while she was pulling her hair out at the nurses station. She’ll feel better after she guzzles down her bottle of Coke. Sugar and caffeine always makes my day more manageable while I deal with those unyielding hours. I think hospitals should put a Coke machine in the middle of every nurses station. There’s nothing like a few bottles of Coke to help kick start your shift. Unfortunately, JCAHO made up a stupid rule about eating and drinking at the nurses station. It’s a big no-no. Idiots! I must have caffeine. This is non negotiable. No one had better get between me and my Coke. NO ONE!

I guess JCAHO doesn’t care about unyielding hours and unmanageable units. Maybe that’s why they make up all of their stupid rules in the first place.