Meet Kathy Hilton. Please don’t confuse her with Paris Hilton’s mother. This Kathy is a night nurse. My goodness, what is Kathy doing? It looks like the buttons are going to explode right off of her uniform. This is Kathy’s story:

Kathy Hilton is a night nurse on a Navy hospital ward that is full of “tension.” The men under her charge were disabled, some were strapped to traction splints, but they were still young, healthy….and male. Kathy’s beauty was like a flame lighting the dried-up tinder of a rain-parched forest when she became the new night nurse in the officers’ ward…and the fires she lit burned herself as well as the men.

It sounds like Kathy really loves her job. Some nurses understand the importance of tantalizing patient care. I can just imagine what Kathy puts on her patients’ treatment plans:

Impaired circulation and social isolation related to immobility: Lap dance, every night at bedtime. Pole dancing twice daily.

My mind is racing. I wonder what else she’s putting on those treatment plans. Hat tip to Dr. Anonymous for putting up a post about stripper therapy.