It’s moving day, and Nurse Ratched welcomes you to her new place. Nurse Ratched is calling her favorite patients, McMurphy and Chief Bromden, to the nurses station. She’s looking for a couple of strong men to help unload the moving truck.

I started Nurse Ratched’s Place two years ago after receiving encouragement from my Blog Mother, Kim, the proprietor of Emergiblog. I told Kim that I wasn’t sure that I could write a blog because I’m a smarty-pants. Kim told me to stop worrying, and to start typing. Entering the blogosphere has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’ve learned so much from other medbloggers. You inspire me.

I want to thank some very important people who have made this day possible:

Mom, thanks for proof reading my stories before I post them on the Internet.

To my husband, Mr. Mother Jones, thank you for helping with the housework. Blogging takes time and dust and dirty dishes waits for no man…or blogger.

I also want to thank my sponsors/advertisers who continue to support Nurse Ratched’s Place.

And, Shane , what can I say? I couldn’t do this without you.