This is a rant. I’m sure that you already figured this out because I rarely call for public executions.

Is it just me, or are the rest of you mad as hell about the situation on Wall Street? I can’t believe what I’ve been hearing on the news. The greedy people who drove our economy into the ground are asking politicians, who allowed this debacle to happen in the first place, for a bailout. Now the taxpayers, many of whom are losing their jobs and their homes, are being told that they must rescue the economy. Sure, let’s give a bunch of crooks and liars a crap load of money without any federal oversight. WTF! Frankly, this whole disaster makes me long for the good old days of public executions.

People must be held accountable for their actions, both in the private sector and in government. The Bush Administration, as well as members of Congress, have made it nearly impossible for the little guy to declare bankruptcy while fat cats are being allowed to cut and run with their pockets full of cash. Check this story out about the ultimate golden parachute. These people should at least be beaten, forced to run naked in the streets, and stripped of all of their worldly possessions.

My biggest fear is what this is going to do to our patients and our health care system. Where’s the golden parachute for the little guy on Main Street who is struggling just to get by?