Good Lord, check out this nurse’s coat. I don’t know a single nurse who wears a mink coat to work. A coat like that is very expensive, and nurses aren’t made out of money.

Meet Dana Gordon. She’s not like most nurses. Dana is a rich debutante who decided to become a nurse. This is Dana’s story:

As Dana put on her new mink coat she remembered the quizzical eyes of the young intern. To him, she was nothing but an ornament—beautiful but useless. At that moment she made her decision to show him that she had the courage and will to win a place in his hard, dedicated world of medicine—even if it meant renouncing her soft, glittering, social world!

Dana went on to show everyone that she was tough and full of spunk. She also marries a handsome young doctor and lives happily ever after. This book, of course, is fiction. There is no such thing as a rich nurse.

I don’t know a single person who would work as a floor nurse if they came into some big bucks. Nursing is a demanding profession, and there aren’t too many people who are willing to put themselves through the daily grind of being a nurse. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t stay in my current job if I ever hit the jackpot. I’d be singing “Take This Job and Shove It” as I turned in my resignation and danced out the door. I’ll put it on YouTube if it ever happens. Promise.

Got to go. Time to buy some Lotto tickets.