You think that it can never happen to you, but it can. Yesterday I received a letter from Bank of New York Mellon. These guys are the idiots that gave unencrypted computer data tapes to a third party vendor. The vendor was hired to store the tapes in a top secret, undisclosed location, but unfortunately a couple of those tapes fell off the back of a truck before they made it to their final destination. Yeah, someone stole them and now over 12 million social security numbers along with other personal data has been breached. Guess what the letter said. Yes indeed, the bad guys got my personal information. So now what do I do? I called the bank’s worthless 1-800 number and demanded to know which third party vendor lost my information. Are you ready for this….they wouldn’t give out that information for security reasons. What security? Who are they protecting? They didn’t protect the bank’s customers. This damage is irreversible. I can’t begin to tell you how angry I am. My husband and I shred documents, we don’t bank online, we never use PayPal or check cards, and we examine our credit card bills every month looking for fraudulent activity. In other words, we do everything right, and I still get screwed over thank you very much. Please let me know if you hear anything about a class action lawsuit. I want to kill the bastards. Seriously.